Today, when the sport is booming, major brands are vying to launch their own sports series. How to make the most efficient choice among the various styles, the trick is let us listen to the opinions of experts!

Sports fabrics are fully evolved
The sportswear market is booming, not only on catwalks, but also on the streets to become popular on the streets.

Harper’s BAZAAR invited designers and brand ambassadors of well-known European and American sports brands to share the importance of wearing sportswear during exercise and how to use the skills they taught to choose the right clothes.

1. Trying on is not enough, but also trying to exercise
“When it comes to choosing the right sportswear, the first skill is to wear it and move.” Adidas brand ambassador Zanna van Dijk said, “Don’t just look in the mirror in the fitting room, but go out to walk, run, jump, and try flat. I often do warm-up exercises such as squats and lunges.”

“Through this kind of activity opportunity, feel the touch of clothes and observe its function, it is easier to make judgmental choices.”

2. Choose fabrics that help the body breathe
Choosing sports clothing can be seen from several fundamentals, such as professional antiperspirant design. If you can successfully stop perspiration, it can help exercise smoother and unrestricted. “Wearing the right sportswear can make people more focused on training.” British fitness coach Adrienne Herbert said, “The details of the clothing, such as sweat-wicking fibers, will help sports performance.”

3. The right choice will help protect the muscles
In addition, the right sportswear can be effective in the right place. “Sportswear should press on the correct muscle position so that it can support the muscles.”

So, first think about what kind of exercise you want to do, and which part of your body needs support? “Good design makes people feel comfortable and safe. That’s why I like to wear high-waisted leggings, which can protect my waist.”

4. Pursue a close sense of zero presence
“Choosing clothes for the gym and general fashion are two different things, because we don’t want to feel the weight of clothes on our bodies when we exercise.” Adidas women’s clothing designer Sina Gerke reminded. “People’s movements should not be restricted by sportswear, and clothing should not hinder people’s activities. It must be close to the human body, without any adjustments or a touch of trouble.”

5. Wear clothing suitable for specific sports
If you want to safely achieve fitness results, it is very important to choose clothing suitable for a specific activity. When buying clothing, remember to check the brand label to confirm that your sportswear and shoes meet your sports needs. Most brands will clearly label and classify sportswear into various professional sports.

Wear healthy and confident during fitness
“Recently, the fashion and fitness work together to make people look and feel great when exercising.” Herbert, a fitness coach, said with feelings. Lisa Ou, a Chinese designer who graduated from Parsons College in the United States and worked for fashion brands such as J.Crew and Doo.ri, also chose professional sportswear as the main axis when she founded her own brand.

“What girls lack is not sports knowledge, but the touch and enthusiasm that they bring during sports.” She shared her own observations. Now that she is expanding Maia Active, she hopes that through the beautiful design, women will have a reason to want to go out and move their bodies.

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